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The Alambic project is open-source, published under the Eclipse Public Licence.

The project is hosted on BitBucket at You can find there the issue tracker, a wiki and the git repositories. Any contribution is more than welcome: use case, requirement, test, documentation, code or feedback! Since we invest quite some time in Alambic, we would definitely love to hear from you.

The Alambic team can be contacted using the below contact web form, or at alambic (at) castalia (dot) solutions.

Contributors and partners

These contributors and partners would be happy to provide more information about Alambic. If you have questions, or need hosting, customisation, or professional services please use this list to find a consultant.

  • Castalia Solutions (Boris Baldassari)
      boris (dot) baldassari (by) castalia (dot) solutions
      boris (dot) baldassari
  • ABlogiX (Arnaud Bourlier)
      arnaud (dot) bourlier (by) ablogix (dot) fr
  • Bitergia
      Contact (web form)
      contact (by) bitergia (dot) com
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